Monday, July 23, 2012

Swiss Photos: Sometimes We Get Lucky

It was a long, rainy, windy walk today, but we made it Meiringen. 

Unfortunately, Ron didn't get any of the views, but he did get something  totally unique. We walked into a traditional farmer's festival just after crossing the Jochpass. It was amazing. The rain gave it a different and unique feel. I told Ron that, normally, if someone was able to see just ONE of the things that was happening at this festival, it was a good day. We got to see all sorts of things! Sometimes we just get lucky. 

Here are some images:


This poor cow had a head-on collision with a florist. 

There is nothing more Swiss than hot, steamy Raclette. 

-Mike Thurk
(on the Via Alpina 1)

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Anonymous said...

What an interesting hike, timing is everything!.
The cheese sandwich looks very tasty.