Thursday, August 11, 2016

These are a few of our favorite photos from Iceland

That's a wrap! Our Iceland hiking tour wrapped up yesterday. First impressions: Our trip leader Barbara 'Babsi' Glanznig says, "Wow! We had picture perfect weather, endless opportunities to see wildlife really close and happy guests!" 

Some of her favorite wildlife encounters were the puffins, whales and dinner next to an Arctic Fox!

We don't have a picture of the fox, but we do have a shot of Babsi snacking on some dried fish. 

Seriously. This trip had some great hiking. 

The crew went off the beaten path. 

But the reward was worth it. Natural hot springs abound in Iceland, so why not?

Of course the scenery was spectacular.  

A special thanks to our group for taking part in Ryder-Walker's first-ever guided hiking tour in Iceland. We're definitely going back! Next year's dates are July 21-28, 2017

For more photos of Iceland, check out our Facebook page. To get your name on the list for next year's Iceland trip, click here. 

Images of Iceland by Barbara 'Babsi' Glanznig

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